Gabriele Scheibel leans at a wall and is laughing at the camera

Neuroscientific findings prove which prerequisites are necessary for people to work with commitment and thus to achieve high performance: Clarity, appreciation, creative freedom, sense of purpose, connectedness.

Why I do what I do

For me values form the basis, sense guides me

Since I started my own business in 2005, it has been a matter close to my heart to contribute to companies so that people can and are allowed to work in a joyful, motivated and self-responsible way.

You, the leader, create the framework conditions for this! That is why I work with you and your team - with conviction and enthusiasm! I love my work, which is characterised by trustful cooperation and helps people become aware of their inner attitude and live out their potential for them to experience self-efficacy, meaning and connectedness.

My mission: "Inspiring Leaders for Change”

I am deeply convinced we can only change the circumstances if we change ourselves. If we abandon the victim role and shape our lives self-effectively. When we take responsibility for what we think. Because our thoughts and our inner attitude influence our feelings, which in turn lead to our actions.

This applies to all people, of course, but you as a leader play a special role in this! It is up to you whether teamwork is based on trust and appreciation, whether you allow your employees to act on their own responsibility or not, and how you manage to create motivation in times of change and crisis. Therefore, it is fundamental to my work that you are always on board.

What are the changes I wish to inspire in you?

  • Life means continuous change and dealing with the unexpected: I support you in keeping an overview and finding your own healthy way of dealing with challenging situations.
  • Do you strive for change in or with your team or do you want to resolve conflicts? I will accompany you and your team in finding a way to improve the mood and cooperation as well as attaining meaning and solidarity within the team.
  • You would like to change or rethink your leadership style - is that what you really want? If so, it will only work if you are emotionally touched or affected. Because change means "work" and "stay tuned" - at least until your brain has stored your new behaviour in a sustainable way. With clarity, mindfulness, humour and, if you like, a "pinch of provocation", I will support you in this process and look forward with you to your development and success.

My offer

What we think influences our feelings and our actions. Our past shapes our future. We pause in the present and change your future in the way you imagine it, through...