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Conflict facilitation and clarification

You are a manager and want to take over your leadership responsibility to solve conflicts?

Clarification assistance is an extremely effective form of mediation to uncover the difficult and usually highly emotional issues of the conflict parties and to explore the possibilities of further cooperation.

My approach is based on the method of clarification aid, which has been continuously developed further by Dr. Christoph Thomann and Christian Prior. This is a clearly structured process which takes place within an appropriate framework.

Initial contact

In a first telephone call (mobile: +49 - 172 - 366 71 04), please describe your situation to me and I will advise you on what further action is advisable. In doing so, you obtain a first impression of me and thereby develop a sense of how you may or may not work with me. If you decide to do so, we will determine the further steps in the clarification of the order.

Clarification of order

If conflict moderation or clarification assistance is the appropriate measure, then we go into more detail: we determine the group of participants and the time frame and discuss the procedure further.

These goals are achieved with a clarification aid

  • understanding the views and motives of the behaviour of colleagues, employees and superiors, which is often experienced as "unbearable”
  • making existing conflicts discussable and clarifying them in a team
  • finding solutions and agreements on how to go on