Gabriele Scheibel leans at a wall and is laughing at the camera

Neuroscientific findings prove which prerequisites are necessary for people to work with commitment and thus to achieve high performance: Clarity, appreciation, creative freedom, sense of purpose, connectedness.

My self-image, my way of working

It is my conviction that every person already has all the necessary potential for solving problems, but must be made aware of this potential to be able to achieve personal and/or company goals independently and responsibly.

From my own many years of leadership experience I know that target orientation and efficiency is but one side of the coin. I have seen and experienced how people make the difference. If as a manager, you establish clear agreement on realistic goals, deploy individuals for their strengths, treat them with respect and bring them along emotionally - conveying their importance for the success of the company - then you attain identification and the will to change which are the key factors for flexibility and success.

My way of working:

My conviction:


My working method is based on the principles of humanistic psychology. I apply methods from systemic consulting, NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming), transactional analysis and systemic organisational constellations. I also prefer to use various models according to Prof. Friedemann Schulz von Thun, e.g. Communication Square, Inner Team, Riemann-Thomann, Values/Development Square, etc. I learned conflict clarification from Dr. Christoph Thomann and Christian Prior.

My offer

What we think influences our feelings and our actions. Our past shapes our future. We pause in the present and change your future in the way you imagine it, through...