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Do you have the feeling you are at a dead end?

Coaching, probably the most sustainable instrument for individual management development, has become indispensable in most companies. As a sparring partner and coach, I support you in gaining clarity and in developing and implementing your individual strategies for achieving your goals.

Coaching for Executives: personality development - professionally and privately

Have you developed from a specialist to a leader and find that you no longer receive open and honest feedback from anyone? Would you like to develop yourself further, but find hectic daily business leaves no time for necessary reflection ? You have already reached the top and have to solve complex issues, but the many clamourings in your chest make a decision impossible? And your team does not react the way you want it to?

Coaching and its effectiveness

The coaching process is about you: Your personality, your values, imprints, competencies, behaviour and wishes. About your individuality with all your resources. You will not be spoonfed patent remedies or advice from me! I will accompany you with confidence to find your own authentic solutions and implement them. I confront respectfully and intervene provocatively if it makes sense. By accompanying you over a certain period of time, the behaviour you wish or want to change will be anchored in your brain in such a way that a self-effective implementation becomes possible in the long term.

Team coaching: Together for success

Team coaching often becomes acute when a team faces new organizational or interpersonal challenges. These can be upcoming changes, such as a change in leadership, a different distribution of roles and tasks, the set-up of effective processes, the shifting of work to the home office.

But the coaching of an entire team is also an extremely effective instrument when it comes to issues related to the values or goals of a team, the development of a constructive communication and feedback culture as well as an adequate handling of stress and workload.

My team coaching takes into account the different personalities, their strengths and competences. It is important to me that the differences of the colleagues as well as their ways of thinking, feeling and acting are seen and understood, so that synergies for the whole team can be created from the strengths of many individuals.

And should there be concrete conflicts in the team, it is advisable to carry out a conflict clarification...

Coaching events and topics, examples: