Bees helping each other

Moderation and team development

Strategy workshop or team development?

Is this situation familiar? You have organised an important meeting or workshop and have three hats on: you are the host with an interest in the content as well as the moderator and the keeper of the minutes. As usual, only the loudest people get a chance to speak, time is running out and in the end it is not clear who has to do what by when? And the subsequent implementation fails, too?

Or you are planning a major event, e.g. a world café, and would like to be accompanied by someone who can structure the process and the exchange of ideas among the participants in such a way that everyone can talk to each other and discuss creative solutions?

As an external facilitator, I will guide you and your colleagues or employees competently, appropriately and in a target-group oriented manner via a strategy workshop or a major event, so that everyone has their say and at the end of the day there is a concrete and consensual result that can actually be implemented. Online or offline. Just as it suits you.

Improving Teamwork

Perhaps you would like to improve cooperation in your team, for example by

  • single fighters becoming a team
  • two different teams becoming one team with a common identity
  • outsiders being actively involved
  • tasks, responsibilities and interfaces being clarified
  • a common feedback and support culture being developed 

or you finally want to address the conflicts that have been brewing for so long?

Preferably, these workshops take place as face-to-face events. But if you would like to have your event as an online workshop, please contact me. I have experience with online and offline formats - let's decide together what suits your needs.